Entertainment in Berlin

No-one has ever accused Berlin of being dull.
The city has always been famous for its pace and liveliness, and it seems as if every day the range of entertainment increases.

If you're retracing Isherwood's footsteps, you may not find Liza Minelli, but "Cabaret" awaits you in numerous venues, in the shape of the new Comedian Harmonists or the singer, Tim Fischer.

Metropol TheaterTheatre?
In the city of Brecht and Reinhardt you have over 50 venues to choose from, including the Berliner Ensemble, Deutsches Theater and Theater des Westens.

Berlin hosts 3 major opera houses with reknown conductors, such as Daniel Barenboim in the State Opera and internationally famous singers and orchestras, plus a number of smaller local venues in the suburbs.

Classical music?
Do you want to sit indoors marvelling at the amazing acoustics of the Berlin Philharmonic as you listen to Beethoven conducted by Sir Simon Rattle? Or would you prefer to enjoy a mild summer's evening outside in the 18th Century Gendarmenmarkt taking in a Bach Cantata?

The city is awash with modern music too. All time greats like Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones, Yssou N'dour from Senegal and members of the Buena Vista Social club from Cuba, have played here in the last few years. And every summer the city hosts the Love Parade, mecca for hundreds of thousands of Techno fans from all over Europe and the world.

Perhaps you've come to the city that produced Marlene Dietrich and Fritz Lang's Metropolis? Around 400 films are shown each week in cinemas as small as a living room or as large as a multiplex - classics by Fellini, Pabst, Renoir; German cinema from Fassbinder and Wenders; experimental films from all over the world; new productions at the Berlin Film Festival every February; and the usual Hollywood blockbusters.

And keep your eye on the calendar because every now and then Berlin is swept up in the excitement of a really big event - such as the cosmopolitan street carnival, Karneval der Kulturen, which attracts half a million visitors to line its route, dancing to music from all over the world.

All this, plus ballet, modern dance, circus and musicals galore. There aren't enough days in the week.

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